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AC Repair Services in Powai, Ghatkopar, Kalwa, Chembur, Airoli & Vashi

In Mumbai, most of the times the weather is humid and thus, the air conditioners are required for both day and night time usually. Summers are especially very hot and you can stay without the utilization of air conditioners at your home or office. With the increase in usage of the air conditioners, it has become important to get AC servicing done on a regular basis. In Mumbai, it becomes difficult to spot the best AC Repair Services or to find a good technician for the repair and servicing of the air conditioners. Sometimes, without even knowing the genuineness of the parts of the AC, you have to pay for it. This is where you will find Ganesh Enterprises as the best company that provides you with the best AC repairing servicing in Mumbai. You will get this amazing repair service at a cost-effective rate at your convenience.

Why You Require a Repair Service for Your AC?

When you use air conditioners on a regular basis, you will get several issues that hurdle in the cooling process, to fix the same you’ll need AC Repair Services. Some of the issues that we have marked for you so that you will understand that your AC is not working properly and require some fixing:

Cooling of the Room is not Appropriate:

If you have put your air conditioner on 24 degrees and still it is unable to cool your temperature, there are several reasons behind it. The blockage of the air filters can be the first reason behind it. The airflow can be maintained only after the proper cleaning of these filters. The second reason will be the settlement of debris in the condenser coils, which makes the inactivity of the condenser to remove hot air. Thus, their cleaning is essential at that time. The third reason can be the damage to the compressor of AC, which is the most important part of the air conditioner. Hence, you will need to go to the best AC Repair Services in Powai, Ghatkopar, Kalwa, Chembur, Airoli & Vashi and consult a professional who has expertise in handling these parts.

Leakage of AC:

When the condensate line or drain pipe of AC is clogged, you will find leakage of water from your AC. When this condensate line gets jammed, water will move upwards causing leakage into your house. Small insects, debris, or growth of the mould can cause this jam most of the time. Therefore, you need the cleaning of AC regularly to stop leakage of the air conditioner.

Weird Sound from AC:

You will hear some weird sound from your AC if the compressor of your AC is broken or there is some defect in the fan or absence of gas or refrigerant in the compressor. You must get this issue resolved instantly with the help of some expert professionals.

AC has Some Bad Odour:

If there is the formation of moulds in the drainage section of your AC due to waterlogging, you will find some bad odour coming from your AC that stays in your room until you get it cleaned.

Why You Need Professional Air Conditioning Service Providers?

We, at Ganesh Enterprises, are best known for AC Repair Services in across Powai, Ghatkopar, Kalwa, Chembur, Airoli & Vashi. We work all the time to resolve all the issues related to air conditioners for our customers. We understand it is very difficult to stay in a room without AC during summers. Especially, when you have one installed in your room just for this purpose and it is not functioning properly. You just have to make a call and we will be there for your service. Exactly, when you require professional help for the repairing or servicing of your AC? There are a few signs when you need one:

When you feel you are getting warm air from your AC instead of the cold one.
For the regular maintenance and services to remove dust and moulds from the AC to get cooling experience.
The possibility of wear and tear increases when an air conditioner runs for a longer period.
Having a regular servicing of your air conditioner will improve the life span of the AC and enhance its functioning.
When the electricity bill is increasing due to the degradation of the performance of your AC.

Why Hire Us for AC Repair Services in Mumbai?

We are working in this field from last 16 years and have a great understanding of every part of the air conditioner.
You will find our technicians well-qualified and well-equipped with the knowledge about the air conditioner.
We have a great knowledge of different types of air conditioners available in the market whether it is a window or spilt air conditioner.
We ensure our customers of full satisfaction with our amazing services.
We offer our repair services at an affordable price range.
Our technicians are polite, professional, and prompt to answer all your queries and resolve any issue related to your air conditioners.
We provide our services for six days a week as we understand the discomfort you have to face when your air conditioner stops working.

What are Our Charges for Home Services We Offer?

Ganesh Enterprises offers AC repair services that depend purely on the complexity of the issue. You will just have to contact us and our experts will inspect your unit immediately. After inspection of your air conditioner, our expert team will provide you with a rough estimate of the expenditure that you may have to bear. You will find many service providers who will offer you AC repair services, but we assure you no one can beat us in quality and cost-effectiveness.

If you are looking for AC Repair Services in Powai, Ghatkopar, Kalwa, Chembur, Airoli & Vashi, you can contact us and we will ensure you of great service experience with our expert technicians. Because of our customer-centric approach, we have become the leading air conditioner repair service provider in Mumbai. We have been providing our services from last 16 years to both individual customers as well as commercial customers. Our first priority is to provide client satisfaction and happiness. For this, we have been continuously so that we can improve and enhance our services at the best possible rate.

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